Hampshire Chess Congress 2019

The 2019 Hampshire Chess Congress and Hampshire Individual Championships will take place from Friday 1st to Sunday 3rd November 2019. The tournament is open to all players and will be held at the Lysses House Hotel, 51 High Street, Fareham, Hampshire, PO16 7BQ.

The Lysses House Hotel is an excellent venue with experience of hosting chess congresses. This independent hotel is situated in the centre of Fareham, it offers high standards, friendly personal service, fine food, and excellent facilities.

There is free parking for 35 cars and offers discounts on rooms and meals to the chess-playing guests.



  • OPEN: £130, £85, £40
    The highest placed Hampshire player receives the Silver Rook Trophy
    Under 175 grading prize: £60
    The highest placed U175 Hampshire player receives the Len Walters Trophy
  • MAJOR: Under 160 £115, £75, £35
    The highest placed Hampshire player receives the Peter Marshall Cup
    Under 140 grading prize: £50
  • MINOR: Under 125 £100, £65, £30
    The highest placed Hampshire player receives the Parsons Cup
    Under 100 grading prize: £40
    The highest scoring Hampshire lady receives the Gillian Moore Cup.
    John Dunleavy Memorial Best Game Prize £100

All players are eligible to win money prizes. Ungraded players are not eligible for grading prizes.


  • Friday: Rd 1: 1900-2300
  • Saturday: Rd 2: 0900-1300, Rd 3: 1400-1800, Rd 4: 1900-2300
  • Sunday: Rd 5: 0900-1300, Rd 6: 1400-1800
  • Prize-giving on Sunday at 18:05


40 moves in 100 minutes followed by a 20-minute quickplay finish.


A ½-point bye may be taken in any one round except the last, if claimed in advance on the entry-form.


In the event of ties, prize money will be divided equally. Titles and trophies will be decided by the following tie-break system, in order of priority:
1. The result(s) between the players involved in the tie, provided they have all met
2. Sum of Progressive Scores
3. Sum of Opponents’ Scores
4. Sonneborn-Berger Scores.


Please see attached Entry Form. The following discounts are available –

  • Discount for entries received by Monday 29th October – £5.00
  • Discount for Juniors (under 18 on 1st September 2019) – £4.00

If you have any queries please select HCA Congress from our Contacts page.

18 thoughts on “Hampshire Chess Congress 2019”

    • Hello Florence,

      I don’t think we have a policy for spectators but any that do attend would have to obey the instructions of any officials, respect the players of games still in play, not crowd the boards, don’t take any photos and any children would have to be kept quiet and under strict control. In particular, there should be no discussion of games still in progress in case of being overheard by a player.

      That being said, we welcome our first official spectator!

      Yours sincerely,
      President HCA

        • Hi,
          I will make an enquiry for you, I have not as yet received any results myself.

          • Round by round results are not published on the website on an ongoing basis. However a few days after the Congress is completed a report giving all the section winners and other information is published. A couple of months later all the games in the Open and Major sections are published allowing the construction of cross-tables and round by round results to be generated by appropriate software.

            Yours sincerely,
            President, HCA

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