Portsmouth & District Chess League

Chichester clear leaders of Division 2


Division 2 Round 5 Emsworth B 2-3 Fareham B 1.P.Northcott ½ T.Williams 2.P.Dallas 0-1 E.Black 3.P.Pinto 0-1 J.Coburn 4.E.Blanden 1-0 A.Syed 5.Z.Biksi ½ D.Anderson Cosham B 3½-1½ Portsmouth B 1.A.D.Smith ½ D.Goddard 2.G.E.Feltham 1-0 K.Sullivan […]

Chiltern Chess League

Hampshire overwhelmed by Berkshire


Hampshire lost heavily to Berkshire (11.5-4.5) at Farley Hill yesterday in the Chiltern League open section. Winners for Hampshire were Fraser McLeod, Tim Davis and Chris McSheehy. The gory details can be seen at: http://www.oxfordfusion.com/oca/ViewResult.cfm?LeagueID=378&Display=12370&Org=8 […]