My Chess Revealed – Selected Games with Commentaries

Gillian Moore, former British Ladies Chess Champion, British Senior Ladies Chess Champion, Youth and Regional chess champion has made available to everyone her latest book as a free download from this website. Alternatively it may be read online as a pdf in your web browser.

Gillian is an active chess player, currently representing both Southampton and the county of Hampshire as well as being involved in the annual County Congress alongside her role of Treasurer for the Hampshire Chess Association.

My Chess Revealed – Selected Games with Commentaries is a beautiful collection of 60 games played by Gillian, each game features light notes for the reader to enjoy. Preceding each game is a taster diagram offering an opportunity to find the next move, perhaps not the move played but a better one.

The author approaches chess with not only a keen spirit to win but also to learn and improve her game whilst enjoying the time spent at the chessboard. Her warmth towards the game and her opponents, makes this an enjoyable read that should appeal both to lovers of the game and those simply seeking to follow one person’s journey.

Indexes are provided for both the openings and opponents played.

Gillian Moore Books

Freely available to read online or download.

Additional commentary may be viewed here –

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