Great Start for Andover

Southampton Chess League News

In the 2018/19 season Andover B had a torrid time losing all 10 league matches and only obtaining 8.5 game points. However they begun their 2019/20 campaign with a 4-0 victory against Winchester C having been relegated to Division 4.

In division 5 a strong Salisbury D beat Winchester D 3,5-0,5, while the Chandlers Ford derby match saw the C team beat the D team 2.5-1.5 in a match where the players with the white pieces won 3 and drew 1 of the 4 games played. Chandlers Ford D captain Steve Dunleavy was his team’s ssole winner.


Division 4
Andover B 4 Winchester C 0
(G Stonham 1 J Schonenberger; 0, A Dinkele 1 D Green; 0, . W Jackson 1 B White 0, N Richmond 1 A Weaver; 0)

Division 5
Winchester D 0.5 Salisbury D 3.5 (S Kitley 0,5 J Barnett; 0,5, D Green 0 C E Kenward;1, B White 0 G Ford 1, A Weaver 0 K Huntley 1 game for grading purposes only A Habbitts 0 A Hopkins 1.

Chandlers Ford D 1.5 Chandlers Ford C 2.5 (R Bird 01 Manoj Chandar 1, N George 0,,5 Maha Chandar 0.5, J Kooner 0 D Creasey 1, S Dunleavy 1 S Saunders 0) Game for grading purposes only R Strachan 0.5 R Saunders 0.5.

Malcolm Clarke

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