Fareham win at Cosham

The seasons first result of the Portsmouth & District Chess League was a close fought win for Fareham playing away at Cosham. A win for R. Puchades playing for Cosham was not enough as M. Chapman and A. Syed each scored the full point in their games against J. Wheeler and G. Feltham.
Division 1 Round 1
Cosham A 2½-3½   Fareham A
1.D.Pye      ½           A.Corkett
2.J.Wheeler   0-1      M.Chapman
3.D.Cordner  ½        R.Marsh
4.R.Puchades   1-0   E.Black
5.A.D.Smith   ½       J.Coburn
6.G.Feltham  0-1      A.Syed
(Chichester A v Emsworth A postponed to 28/10/19)

John Wheeler