Basingstoke continue their unbeaten run

Firstly I would like to wish all chess players a happy New Year.  As fixtures resume in the Southampton Chess League after the festive break Southampton A move off the bottom of division 1 with a win against Southampton B.  Bottom place is now occupied by defending champions Ringwood A who have games in hand on the teams above them and are one of only three clubs in the division to have won as many game points than they have lost.

In division 5 the match between Chandlers Ford D and Salisbury C rested on the drawn board 1 game being referred to an ECF qualified arbiter following a technical issue that needed resolution.  In the top versus bottom clash Basingstoke continued their unbeaten record with a win against winless Winchester D. 

Division 1 Southampton B 2 Southampton A 3 (D Ramos 1 A Martinez-Sykora 0, R Williams 0  M Cleary 1, G Moore 0 G Jones 1, K Sawers 0.5 D Cordner 0.5, T Chapman 0.5 F McLeod 0.5)

Division 5 Winchester D 1.5 Basingstoke 2.5 ( D Green 0  P Ware 1, B White 0.5 P Beldaus 0.5, A Weaver 1 S Bhatt 0, A Habbitts 0 A Matthews 1)

Chandlers Ford D 2,5 Salisbury C 1.5 (J Daas 0.5 N McCook 0.5, R Bird 0  G Ford 1, R Sims 1 K Huntley 0, N George 1 A Hopkins 0)

Division OnePWDLFAPts
Hamble A43011286
Southampton A620413174
Southampton University A42029114
Southampton B511311143
Ringwood A31117.57.53
Division TwoPWDLFAPts
Salisbury A422011.58.56
Southampton C42111195
Ringwood B42111195
Hamble B40319113
Winchester A40137.512.51
Division ThreePWDLFAPts
Andover A431012.57.57
Salisbury B421110.59.55
Chandlers Ford A40319.510.53
Winchester B41128.511.53
Southampton University B40229112
Division FourPWDLFAPts
Chandlers Ford B42201066
Ringwood C521210105
Andover B42028.57.54
Winchester C51228124
Southampton D3201754
Southampton University C51138.511.53
Division FivePWDLFAPts
Chandlers Ford D4211975
Salisbury C42029.56.54
Chandlers Ford C42025.510.54
Winchester D50055.514.50

Malcolm Clarke

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