Cosham and Emsworth adjourn 1st board

Board 1 had been adjournsed in the keenly fought Cosham versus Emsworth match held in the 5th Round of Division One. Wins for Cosham on boards 3 & 4 by D. Cordner and R. Puchades, were cancelled out by Emsworth wins on boards 5 & 6 by P. Dallas and M. Davies whilst J. Wheeler and M. Krawczuk ended their game peacefully with a draw.

Division 1 Round 5
Cosham A (adj) Emsworth A

1.D.Pye P.M.Stimpson
2.J.F.Wheeler ½ M.Krawczuk
3.D.Cordner 1-0 K.Eyles
4.R.Puchades 1-0 P.Northcott
5.A.D.Smith 0-1 P.Dallas
6.G.Feltham 0-1 M.Davies

John Wheeler