Wins for Fareham and Salisbury

Southampton Chess League

Wins for Fareham and Salisbury start off the new season for the Southampton Chess League. In Division Two Fareham’s emphatic away victory against Southampton B was secured by wins from Keith Gregory, Roger Marsh and Dave Elliott.

Salisbury meanwhile made a great start in the Robertson Cup by winning at home against Basingstoke with Andrew Cooper, David Renham and Andy Manning securing wins for Salisbury.

Southampton B 1.5 – 3.5 Fareham A, 03/10/2017
1. David A Cordner 0 – 1 Keith DF Gregory; 2. Gareth Aneurin Jones 0 – 1 Roger DW Marsh; 3. Dudley Clark 1 – 0 Joseph A Coburn; 4. Gillian A Moore 1/2 Ted Black; 5. John M Wiseman 0 – 1 Dave J Elliott;

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Salisbury 3.5 – 1.5 Basingstoke, 05/10/2017
1. Stephen J Piper 1/2 David Graham; 2. Andrew C Cooper 1 – 0 John Shaddick; 3. David Renham 1 – 0
Philip J Ware; 4. Andy I Manning 1 – 0 Peter A Beldaus; 5. Tomas Rusin 0 – 1 default;

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The Southampton Chess League website provides full details of the league, tournaments and results. It may be viewed at

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