PDCL Round Up 14/11/18

Here is the latest from Portsmouth –

Division 2 Round 2
Chichester B 3-2 Emsworth B
2.L.Osiyemi 1-0 P.Dallas

Division 3 Round 2
Cosham C 3½-1½ Chichester C
1.G.Feltham ½ C.Squires
2.S.Pearson 1-0 M.Spence
3.J.Webb 1-0 S.Zsibrita
4.S.LeFevre 1-0 J.Howeson
5.M.Hamilton 0-1L.Cribb

Note: Portsmouth C v Emsworth C is postponed to 5/12/19

Cole Cup Round 2
Fareham 3-2 Emsworth
1.A.Corkett 1-0 K.Eyles
2.M.Chapman ½ M.Krawczuk
3.K.Gregory ½ P.Stimpson
4.D.Deacon ½ P.Northcott
5.D.Elliott ½ P.Dallas

Full results and league tables may be viewed on the PDCL website at http://portsmouthchessleague.uk/
The latest news and results are provided by John Wheeler.

 Division 212345gmspts
1Emsworth Bx,x  2,2½,1
2Cosham B x,x2,3, 52
3Portsmouth B 3,x,x  32
4Chichester B3,2, x,x 52
5Fareham B2½,   x,x1


 Division 2PWDLGsPts
1Chichester B210152
2Cosham B210152
3Portsmouth B110032
4Emsworth B20111
5Fareham B10101


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