New Season starts for Southampton League

Despite Fraser McLeod winning the battle of the captains victory on the top two boards, Southampton B beat Southampton A 3-2 in the first match of division 1 as the Southampton Chess League season commenced.

In the first match played at their new venue Winchester V beat Southampton D 3-1 with Southampton D winning on board 3, but subsequently losing the game when it was discovered they had inadvertently played their player on a lower board than permitted by the rules.

Newly promoted Ringwood C drew 2-2 away to Chandlers Ford B despite winning on the top two boards.

Division 1
Southampton A 2 Southampton B 3 (M Cleary 0 D Ramos 1, G Jones 0 R Williams 1, F McLeod 1 G Moore 0, D Agostinelli 0.5 K Sawers 0.5, D Nother 0.5 T Chapman 0.5)

Division 4
Winchester C 3 Southampton D 1 (S Kitley 1 D Murchie 0, M White 0.5 T Hutchins 0.5, D Green 0 T Wilamowski 1, but as the Southampton D player was inadvertently placed out of grading order for Southampton league purposes, but not grading purposes the result counted as a win for him, A Habbitts 0.5 P Chinkin 0.5)

Chandlers Ford B 2 Ringwood C 2 (Manoj Chandar 0 P Donaldson 1, R Meredith 0 R Davenport 1, S Murphy 1 M Jay 0, J Daas 1 A Baskett 0)