Hamble win at Southampton, apologies to Fareham

This Saturday sees a rapidplay event being held at the Avenue campus of Southampton University with the first of six rounds starts at 10am and the event which is organised by Dave Nelson of Southampton chess club is divided into three graded sections.

In the Southampton Chess League Southampton B drew with defending champions Ringwood A, but lost to Hamble A. Ringwood B, Andover A and University C all won home matches, while in the division 5 cup Chandlers Ford D comfortably beat Chandlers Ford C.

In last week’s article it was stated that Fareham were promoted through the back door. Although the author picked up the expression from quotes made when Newcastle United football club won a European football competition despite qualifying for it having finished 10th in the league and it was thought that the case of Fareham was similar, it is clear that in the majority of instances through the back door can imply some degree of dishonesty and this was clearly not the case here so apologies are given for any misunderstanding.


Division 1
Southampton B 1.5 Hamble A 3.5 (D Ramos 0.5 J Wilson 0.5, R Williams 0 R Lukoshius 1, G Moore 0.5 R Puchades 0.5, K Sawers 0 M Buckley 1, T Chapman 0.5 M Newbury 0.5)

Southampton B 2.5 Ringwood A 2.5 (D Ramos 0.5 C B Jenks 0.5, R Williams 1 P Anderson 0, G Moore 0 M Simons 1, K Sawers 0 R Pegg 1, T Chapman 1 P Donaldson 0)

Division 2
Ringwood B 3 Southampton C 2 ( K Harman 0.5 G Jones 0.5, R W Ursell 1 K Sawers 0, R Halse 0.5 D Agostinelli 0.5, P Donaldson 1 T Wilamowski 0, A Wykes 0 D Nother 1)

Division 3
Andover A 3 Chandlers Ford A 2 ( S Knox 0,5 DJ Holmes; 0.5, T Gray 1 G Stuart; 0, K Steele 1 Pl Overton 0, . J Littleworth 0 1 D Culliford 1, G Stonham 0.5 S Murphy 0.5)

Division 4 University C 3 Andover B 1 (R Simpson 0 K Steele 1, M Leily 1 I Mackie 0, D burton 1 A Dinkele 0, L Jackson 1 W Jackson 0)

Southampton D 1.5 Chandlers Ford B 2.5 (results to follow)

Division 5 Cup
Chandlers Ford C 0.5 Chandlers Ford D 3.5
(P Eales 0 J Daas 1, Maha Chandar 0 R Bird 1, D Creasey 0 R Sims 1, R Saunders 0.5 N George 0..5) game for grading purposes only C Grant 0 S Dunleavy 1

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