Great Start for Fareham

In division 1 of the Southampton Chess League defending Division 1 champions Ringwood A fielded a strong team against Fareham A with former board 1 Martin Simons on board 4, but were surprisingly beaten 3-2 by Fareham A who were promoted to Division 1 having finished third in Division 2 last season. Joe Coburn on board 5 was Fareham’s sole winner in a match containing four draws. Last season Ringwood lost won and drew one of their opening two league games so it remains to be seen whether they can recover again.

The Robertson Cup match between Andover and Chandlers Ford A also featured four draws with Steve Cartridge winning the battle of the captains against Dick Meredith.

Losing on the lower boards was the reason for Winchester A and D teams to lose to Southampton C and Chandlers Ford C respectively, The A team won on the top two boards and lost on the bottom three, while the D team obtained 1,5 points from the top 2 boards, but lost on both of the bottom two boards,

The division 2 match between Hamble B and Ringwood B was between last season’s Division 2 champions and last season’s Division 3 champions and finished all square.


Robertson Cup
Andover 3 Chandlers Ford A 2
(S Knox 0.5 I Hardwick 0.5, T Gray 0.5 D Holmes 0.5, S Cartridge 1 R Meredith 0, K Steele 0.5 S Murphy 0.5, J Littleworth 0.5 K Lamb 0.5)

Division 1
Ringwood A 2 Fareham A 3
C B Jenks 0.5 A Corkett; 0.5, P Anderson 0.5 M Chapman 0.5, C Westrap 0.5 R Marsh 0.5, M Simons 0.5 E Black 0.5, R Pegg 0 J Coburn 1);

Division 2
Winchester A 2 Southampton C 3 (J Jimenez Capilla 1 G A Jones 0, J Barnes 1 K Sawers 0. L Piecha 0 D Agostinelli 1, An Dyos 0 T Wilamowski 1, T Rubin 0 T Chapman 1)

Hamble B 2.5 Ringwood B 2.5 (M Newbury 0.5 R Ursell 0.5. J Wilkinson 1 K Smith 0. R Puchades 0.5 R Halse 0.5, M Buckley 0.5 P Donaldson 0.5, P Eyles 0 A Wykes; 1)

Division 5
Chandlers Ford C 2.5 Winchester D 1,5 (P Eales 0.5 G Payne 0.5, Maha Chandar 0 J Schonenberger 1, D Creasey 1 D Green 0, K Lamb 1 B White; 0) Game for grading purposes only C Grant 0 A Weaver 1

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