Good Week for Winchester

Southampton Chess League News

It has not been a good week for Winchester chess club as their A, B and D team, were all beaten and none of their players won a match counting for league purposes. However in a match in which they were otherwise whitewashed Sam Rebdi won a match counting for grading purposes only as the D team were eliminated from the Division 5 Cup by Chandlers Ford D who now play Chandlers Ford C. The A and B team lost to Ringwood B and Andover A respectively and in fact Ringwood and Andover interchanged divisions at the start of the season.

Two Salisbury teams drew matches this week with the B team doing well to draw against Chandlers Ford A with all the five players in the match having graders of 140 or more all being on the Chandlers Ford side, while the match between Hamble B and Salisbury was closely contested with la lot of experienced players featuring. In division 4 Salisbury C continued their good start to the season and comfortably beat a Chandlers Ford C team who had also made a good start to the season.

In division 4 Southampton D beat University C 3-1 thanks to wins on the top two boards.


Division 2
Hamble B 2.5 Salisbury A, 2.5 (M Buckley 0.5 S Piper; 0.5, JJ Wilkinson 0.5 AI Manning; 0.5, M Newbury 1 – 0 T Rusin, M Krawczuk 0.5 J Wiseman; 0.5, S Baron 0 R Wright 1)

Ringwood B 4 Winchester A, 1 (K Harman 1 D Beer 0, K Smith 0.5 J Barnes 0.5, R W Ursell 0.5 A Dyos 0.5, R Halse 1 R Cleave 0, A Wykes 1 G Payne 0)

Division 3
Chandlers Ford A 2.5 Salisbury B, 2.5
(I Hardwick 0 T Rusin; 1, D Holmes 1 Ces Luther; 0, G Stuart 0.5 R Wright; 0.5, P Overton 1 – A Jones 0, P Przybycin 0 J Wiseman; 1)

Winchester B 1.5 Andover A, 3.5 (D Beer 0.5 S Knox 0.5, R Atkins 0 T Gray 1, S Kitley 0.5 Cartridge 0.5, D Kinsler 0 -K Steele 1, R Cleave 0.5 .J Littleworth 0.5)

Division 4
Southampton D 3 University C 1 ( T Wilamowski 1 Daniel Burton 0, ; D Nelson 1 0 M Leily; 0, D Murchie 0.5 Dl Zelinka; 0.5, T Hutchins 0.5 L Jackson; 0.5)

Division 5
Salisbury C 3.5 Chandlers Ford C, 0.5 (M Pope 0.5 P Eales; 0.5, CE Kenward 1 Maha Chandar;0, Gr Ford 1 D Creasey 0, M Barrett 1 K Lamb; 0)

Division 5 Cup
Chandlers Ford D 4 Winchester D 0 (R. Sims 1 G Payne 0, N George 1 D Green 0, J Kooner 1 B White 0, S Dunleavy 1 – A Weaver 0) Game for grading only R Strachan 0 S Rebdi 1

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