Cosham Win at Portsmouth

Division One Round 2 of the Portsmouth & District Chess League saw Fareham and Chichester adjourn their match with Fareham leading the Champions with 3 wins, 2 draws and an adjourned game to be decided. Wins for Fareham players, A. Corkett, M. Chapman and R. Marsh in this match.

In our other division 1 match, Portsmouth went down to Cosham 1½-4½ thanks to wins by Cosham players D. Pye, J. Wheeler, R. Puchades and A.D. Smith.

Division 1 Round 2
Fareham A (adj) Chichester A

1.A.Corkett 1-0 J.Wilson
2.M.Chapman 1-0 R.Lukoshius
3.K.Gregory ½ S.J.Smith
4.R.Marsh 1-0 T.Howeson
5.D.Deacon ½ C.Squires
6.E.Black M.Plumb

Portsmouth A 1½-4½ Cosham A
1.T.Bird 0-1 D.Pye
2.S.Venables 0-1 J.Wheeler
3.K.Sullivan ½ D.Cordner
4.A.Bucchi 0-1 R.Puchades
5.D.Goddard 0-1 A.D.Smith
6.S.Russell 1-0 T.Evans

The latest results and tables may be followed at the PDCL website

John Wheeler