Fareham Two from Two

Having been promoted to Division 1 despite finishing third in Division 2 last season Fareham are making the most of the opportunity and made it two wins out of two with a 4.5-0.5 win against a Southampton A team who have lost their first two matches despite putting out a good team against Fareham. Elsewhere in Division 1 University A beat Southampton B 3-2 thanks to the two players playing with the white pieces winning their games.

Last season Andover B had a wretched time in Division 3, but it seems that the experience of playing in Division 3 has stood them in good stead in Division 4 as they made it two wins out of 2 after making the long trip to play a Ringwood team who joined Division 4 in the opposite direction.

After their previous week was a disappointment in which they lost three league games without any individual player winning a game counting for league purposes, Winchester chess club had a better time of things when their C team drew 2-2 with Chandlers Ford B and John Schonenberger won his game in a match which saw draws on the top two boards. In the other game, John Kooner beat Bryan White for the second time in less than a week, while in a game counting for grading purposes only Keven Lamb beat Alan Weaver.


Division 1
Fareham 4.5 Southampton A 0.5 (A Corkett 1 A Martinez-Sykora 0, M Chapman 1 M Cleary 0, K Gregory 1 G Jones 0, R Marsh 0.5 D Cordner;0.5, D Deacon 1 F McLeod; 0)

University A 3 Southampton B 2 (M Fernandez 0.5 D Ramos 0.5, M Rogacewicz 1 R Williams 0, A Sivakumar 0 G Moore 1, T Evans 1 K Sawers 0, Y Wo 0.5 T Chapman; 0.5)

Division 4
Ringwood C 1.5 Andover B 2.5 ( R Davenport 0 K Steele 1, M Day 1 A Dinkele; 0, D Bacon 0 I Mackie 1, . V De Grave 0.5 W Jackson 0.5)

Division 5
Winchester C 2 Chandlers Ford B 2 ( M White 0.5 Pr Przybycin 0.5, G Payne 0.5 Murphy 0.5, J Schonenberger 1 N George 0, B White 0 J Kooner; 1) game for grading purposes only A Weaver 0 K Lamb 1