Emsworth & Fareham Teams Win in Week Two

In division 1 of the Portsmouth & District Chess league this weeks results saw wins for Emsworth and Fareham teams whilst Gosport await the result of Wilkinson v Lukoshius. In 2016 Chichester won the division by three clear points  whilst Emsworth and Fareham came joint 2nd. A win for Gosport would secure them top place in the league at this early stage.

Division 1 Round 2
Gosport (adj) Chichester A
1.D.Fowler ½ J.Wilson
2.J.Wilkinson R.Lukoshius
3.R.Marsh 0-1 A.McDougall
4.M.Newbury 1-0 L.Osiyemi
5.J.Coburn ½ I.P.Judd
6.C.Priest 1-0 S.J.Smith

Fareham A 3½-2½ Portsmouth A
1.A.Corkett ½ M.Broom
2.K.Gregory 1-0 A.Isaakidis
3.F.Graham 0-1 I.Hardwick
4.D.Deacon ½ M.Hulland
5.E.Black ½ S.Venables
6.D.Elliott 1-0 A.Bucci

Cosham A 2-4 Emsworth A
1.J.F.Wheeler 1-0 M.Krawczuk
2.D.A.Cordner ½ P.M.Stimpson
3.R.Puchades 0-1 K.Eyles
4.A.D.Smith ½ P.Northcott
5.G.Feltham 0-1 C.Gilliam
6.S.LeFevre 0-1 Z.Biksi

Full results and league tables may be viewed on the PDCL website at http://portsmouthchessleague.uk/
The latest news and results are provided by John Wheeler.

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