ECF Yearbook 2020 as a free download

News from the English Chess Federation that they have made their annual yearbook available as a free download for 2020, a copy may be obtained from

Running to 200 pages the yearbook is an excellent resource with tournaments news, results, game analysis and lots of other content that includes the Hampshire Chess Congress which gets a mention on page 50.

The yearbook contains some great annotated games and articles which are very much worth spending some time on. For example, annotated games include the following –

  • D. Gormally vs M. Hebden, Hull 2019 – Ruy Lopez
  • J. Rudd – M. Adams, Round 1 – Giuoco Piano
  • D. Howell – M. Adams, Round 7 – Nimzo-Indian Defence
  • M. Adams – R. Pert, Round 8 – Caro-Kann Defence,
  • J. Emms – R. Haria, Round 9 – French Defence

I would of course enjoyed more Hampshire related content but this is a great free offering from the ECF and they should be applauded for it. You may download or read online your free copy at

Well done ECF!