Chiltern League B Team

Chiltern League B team (U150) fixtures, 2019-2020

All matches are on Saturdays from 2pm to 6pm with Hampshire home matches at the Warren Centre, Micheldever Station.

19 October 2019, Bucks v Hants
16 November 2019, Hants v Berks
30 November 2019, Hants v Oxon
11 January 2020, Hants v Bucks
15 February 2020, Berks v Hants
14 March 2020, Oxon v Hants

Please let me know if you can play on 19 October in our first away match.

Fixture diary for 2019-2020 Chiltern League U150

Date Home Away
Sat 19-Oct-19 Buckinghamshire B Hampshire B
Sat 19-Oct-19 Berkshire B Oxfordshire B
Sat 16-Nov-19 Oxfordshire B Buckinghamshire B
Sat 16-Nov-19 Hampshire B Berkshire B
Sat 30-Nov-19 Hampshire B Oxfordshire B
Sat 30-Nov-19 Buckinghamshire B Berkshire B
Sat 11-Jan-20 Oxfordshire B Berkshire B
Sat 11-Jan-20 Hampshire B Buckinghamshire B
Sat 15-Feb-20 Buckinghamshire B Oxfordshire B
Sat 15-Feb-20 Berkshire B Hampshire B
Sat 14-Mar-20 Oxfordshire B Hampshire B
Sat 14-Mar-20 Berkshire B Buckinghamshire B