Southampton C 3 Hamble B 2

It has been a quiet week in the Southampton Chess League this week with only one match played with one of the originally scheduled matches being postponed and the other featuring Fareham B who have subsequently withdrawn from the league. However in it Southampton C established themselves as surprise leaders of division 2 beating last season’s champions Hamble B 3-2 with Daniel Nother obtaining the decisive victory on board 5 in a game in which he was just able to get his attack in before that of his opponent in a match in which all other boards were drawn.

Hampshire were beaten 11.5-4.5 by Berkshire in the Chiltern League with their winners being Fraser McLeod, Tim Davis and Chris McSheehy. Hampshire were outgraded by an average of 18 pointsbut did well to get an even return on the top eight boards. However on the bottom seven boards where the grading difference was more significant Hampshire were not even able to muster a half point.

Division 2

Southampton C 3 Hamble B 2 ( G Jones 0.5 J Wilkinson 0.5, D Agostinelli 0.5 M Newbury 0.5, K Sawers 0.5 R Puchades 0.5, T Chapman 0.5 M Buckley 0.5, . D Nother 1 C Priest; 0)