SCL Update 22/02/2019

Southampton Chess League

Hamble A made it five draws from seven league matches when their encounter with University A finished all square with University A winning on the top two boards and Hamble winning the bottom two boards and the game on board 3 being drawn. In division 4 Salisbury C’s 3.5-0.5 win against University C means they need to win one of their remaining three matches to clinch the title, while Fareham B’s win against Winchester D was their first of the season.

In both the Robertson Cup match between Southampton A and Andover A and the Robertson Plate match between Chandlers Ford A and Winchester A the teams finished all square, but whereas Southampton A progress on board count the Plate match will have to be replayed as a result of all four boards being drawn with the winners qualifying to play a final against Hamble A who comfortably beat Chandlers Ford B despite an excellent draw from Don Creasey on board 4. Ringwood A progressed in the cup with a win by default against Salisbury A.

Robertson Cup
Andover A 2.5 Southampton A 2.5 (S Knox 0 M Cleary 1, T Gray 0.5 F McLeod 0.5, K Steele 1 D Nother 0, S Cartridge 1 D R Agostinelli 0, J Littleworth 0 R Cheung 1). Southampton A win on board count

Ringwood A 5 Salisbury A 0 (by default)

Robertson Plate
Chandlers Ford A 2 Winchester A 2 (G Stuart 0.5 A Dyos 0.5, R Meredith 0.5 R Cleave 0.5, R Sims 0.5 R Atkins 0.5, R Bird 0.5 M White 0.5). Match played over 4 boards only replay required

Hamble A 4.5 Chandlers Ford B 0.5 (J Wilkinson 1 S Murphy 0, R Puchades 1 N George 0, M Newbury 1 S Kay 0, S LeFevre 0.5 D Creasey 0.5, P Eyles 1 R Strachan 0)

Division 1
Hamble A 2.5 University A 2.5 (J Wilkinson 0 M H Fernandez 1, K Eyles 0 C Sneb 1, D Fowler 0.5 P Waddingham 0.5, M Krawczuk 1 D Lambton 0, R Puchades 1 S Spencer 0)

Division 3
Salisbury C 3.5 University C 0.5 (A Jones 1 D Lambton 0, M Pope 1 M Leily 0, J Barnett 0.5 M Pugh 0.5, M Coldwell 1 G Game 0)

Division 5
Fareham B 2.5 Winchester D 1.5 (S Eva 0c J Schonenberger 1, L Springthorpe 1 P Stewart 0, A Russell 0.5 D Green 0.5, D Anderson 1 B White 0) Game for grading purposes only A Krajewski 1 A Habbitts 0)

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