SCL Update 18/04/2019

The top two teams in division 1 both ended their seasons with 3.5-1.5 victories. Champions Ringwood A beat Hamble A with their two wins coming from the players with the white pieces, while Amanda Jones playing with the black pieces was the only Salisbury player to win against Southampton.

Winchester B achieved their second win of the season both against Andover B who complete their season without a single point, but who deserve credit for fulfilling all their engagements, Draw specialists Southampton D who had drawn 6 of their 9 previous league games were beaten 3-1 by Chandlers Ford B who move above them in the table.

With top board Martin Street achieving an excellent win on top board against a player who had earlier in the week achieved a draw while playing for the A team enabled Fareham B to beat Ringwood C 2.5-1.5 and end the latter’s 100% record in division 5.

Division 1
Ringwood A 3.5 Hamble A 1.5 (M Simons 0.5 J Wilson 0.5, C B Jenks 1 D Fowler 0, P Anderson 0.5 J Wilkinson 0.5, M Clancy 1 M Buckley 0, P Donaldson 0.5 M Newbury 0.5)

Salisbury A 1.5 Southampton A 3.5 (S Piper 0 M Cleary 1, A Cooper 0.5 D Cordner0.5, A Manning 0 G Jones 1, R Wright 0 F McLeod 1, A Jones 1 D Nother 0)

Division 3
Winchester B 4.5 Andover B 0.5 (P Tomar 1 J Burrett 0, R Cleave 0.5 G Stonham 0.5, R Atkins 1 W Jackson 0, D Kinsler 1 A Dinkele 0, M White 1 N Richmond 0)

Division 4
Southampton D 1 Chandlers Ford B 3 (F O’Donovan 0 R Meredith 1, D Nelson 0.5 S Murphy 0.5, R Gorbes 01 N George 1, T Hutchins 0.5 S Kay 0.5)

Division 5
Fareham B 2.5 Ringwood C 1.5 (M Street 1 P Donaldson 0, L Springthorpe 0 R Davenport 1, S Eva 0.5 M Jay 0.5, K White 1 D Bacon 0)

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