SCL Update 14/04/2019

Southampton Chess League

Ringwood B suffered their first defeat of the season when they lost to Salisbury B who narrowed the gap at the top of the table as a result, while Salisbury A’s loss by default against Southampton B as a result of players dropping out late in the day means they are almost certain o finish bottom of division 1.

Fareham A’s 3-2 win against Winchester A saw Ted Black beat Mike White on board 4, although Black played with the white pieces and White played with the black pieces.

Chandlers Ford A who had lost 4 of their last 5 league games beat Andover B who had lost all five of their league games with the final score 4-1 to the home team. In the same division University B beat Winchester B 3.5-1.5.


Division 1 Southampton B 5 Salisbury A 0 (by default)

Division 2 Fareham A 3 Winchester A 2 (A Corkett 0.5 J Jumenez-Capilla 0.5, K Gregory 1 J Barnes 0, R Marsh 0.5 A Dyos 0.5, E Black 1 M White 0, D Elliott 0 G Payne 1)

Division 3 Chandlers Ford A 4 Andover B 1 (G Stuart 0.5 K Steele 0.5, D Culliford 0.5 S Cartridge 0.5, P Przybycin 1 J Littleworth 0, R Meredith 1 A Dinkele 0, S Murphy 1 N Richmond 0)

Salisbury B 3 Ringwood B 2 (A Manning 1 C F Westrap 0, S Redmill 0.5 K Smith 0.5, R Wright 0.5 R Halse 0.5, J Wiseman 0 R Ursell 1, J Symons 1 A Ursell 0)

University B 3.5 Winchester B 1.5 (S Gow 1 R Cleave 0, P Higgins 0.5 R Atkins 0.5, D Lambton 1 D KInsler 0, S Spencer 0.5 M White 0.5, G Game 0.5 G Payne 0.5)

Hampshire Chess Congress 2019

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