SCL Update 04/04/2019

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It has been another good week for Ringwood in the Southampton Chess League. Their C team whitewashed Winchester C to clinch the division 5 title, while despite Diogo Ramos and Robin Williams obtaining creditable draws against their top two boards Ringwood A’s 4-1 win against Southampton B has meant that although Southampton A can draw level with them on match points they cannot equal their game points total and thus Ringwood A have won the division 1 championship for the first time ever.

Chandlers Ford A team had twice played matches against Winchester in which all boards were drawn, but against a full strength Winchester A team they were whitewashed and as a result Winchester are away to Hamble in the final of the Robertson Plate.

Chandlers Ford D team finished the league season as they started it with a win, but unfortunately they did not win any league matches in between, but they will finish third unless Winchester D win their final two matches.

In division 2 Hamble B’s win against bottom of the table Andover A puts them three points clear at the top of the table with two matches to go. In division 5 Fareham B lost successive home matches 3-1.

Despite defaulting on board 2 and despite their team having a lower average grade than their Berkshire counterparts Hampshire won the match 10.5-5.5 Hampshire winners were Mark Broom, Chris Bellers, James Chilton, Chris McSheehy, Tomasz Wilamowski, Ryan Cheung, Jonathan Young and Chris Priest. The result means they finish third in the four team group in the Chiltern League behind Oxfordshire and Berkshire.

Robertson Plate
Winchester 5 Chandlers Ford A 0 (J Jimenez Capilla 1 G Stuart 0, J Barnes 1 R Meredith 0, L Piecha 1 R Sims 0, A Dyos 1 R Bird 0, P Tomar 1 K Lamb 0)

Division 1
Ringwood A 4 Southampton B 1 (M Simons 0.5 D Ramos 0.5, C B Jenks 0.5 R Williams 0.5, P Anderson 1 G Moore 0, C Westrap 1 P Hurn 0. R Pegg 1 T Wilamowski 0)

Division 2
Andover A 1 Hamble B 4 (T Gray 0 D Fowler 1, S Cartridge 0.5 M Newbury 0.5, K Steele 0 M Krawczuk 1, J Littleworth 0.5 S LeFevre 0.5, A Dinkele 0 C Priest 1)

Division 5
Fareham B 1 Chandlers Ford D 3 (L Springthorpe 0 N George 1, K White 0 S Kay 1, D Anderson 1 R Strachan 0, J Craig 0 S Saunders 1) Game for grading purposes only D Pratt 0 R Saunders 1

Fareham B 1 Salisbury D 3 (A Butler 1 N McCook 0, A Krajewski 0 J Barnett 1, A Russell 0 G Ford 1, J Craig 0 K Huntley 1)

Ringwood C 4 Winchester D 0 (R Davenport 1 D Green 0, A Wykes 1 B White 0, D Sturmey 1 A Habbitts 0) Ringwood C won by default on board 4.

Hampshire Chess Congress 2019

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