SCL Update 02/05/2019

Ringwood and Southampton A will contest the Robertson Cup final with both winning their home semi finals with wins on four of the five boards.

In division 4 champions Salisbury C completed their season with an unbeaten record although they drew their final match of the season against Winchester C in which they lost on the top two boards. Division 5 champions Ringwood C ended their season with a win against Winchester D.

The Delancey Schools UK Chess Challenge was held at Winchester College on Sunday and the Chandlers Ford pair of Manoj and Mansa Chandar have both qualified for the next stage with both winning prizes at Sunday’s event.

Robertson Cup
Southampton A 4.5 Fareham 0.5 (M Cleary 1 K Gregory 0, A Martinez-Sykora 1 R Marsh 0, D Cordner 1 E Black 0, G A Jones 1 D Elliott 0, F McLeod 0.5 J Coburn 0.5)

Ringwood 4 Southampton B 1 (M Clancy 1 R Williams 0, C B Jenks 0 D Ramos 1, P Anderson 1 G Moore 0, C Westrap 1 K Sawers 0, R Pegg 1 T Wilamowski 0)

Division 4
Salisbury C 2 Winchester C 2 (M Pope 0 M White 1, J Barnett 0 G Payne 1, G Ford 1 D Green 0, C Kenward 1 A Weaver 0)

Division 5
Winchester D 1.5 Ringwood C 2.5 (B Jack 0 R Davenport 1, D Green 0.5 M Day 0.5, B White 0 D Sturmey 1, A Habbitts 1 D Bacon 0)

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