Salisbury Chess Club win Division 5 Cup

Chess has very much taken a back seat in recent weeks due to the Coronavirus with nearly every Southampton League chess club ceasing to meet until further notice which means that no league matches have been played in the last 10 days and this is likely to continue to be the case until there is evidence of the virus easing.

In the only match played since the last article was written Salisbury C won the division 5 cup with a 3-1 win against Chandlers Ford D., with the two players to win their games both playing with the black pieces.

Result Division 5 Cup Final
Salisbury C 3 Chandlers Ford D 1
(M Pope 1 R Bird 0, G Ford 0.5 R Sims 0.5, M Coldwell 1 N George 0. J Barnett 0.5 S Dunleavy 0.5) Games played for -grading purposes only G Hornsby 1 R Strachan 0, M Barrett 1 S Saunders 0