Portsmouth & District Cole Cup Update

The Cole Plate saw Portsmouth lose to Chichester in Round 2. Chirimbu won on top board for Portsmouth but wins for Chichester on boards 2 (Wilson), 3 (Osiyemi) and 5 (Spence) saw the visitors emerge victorious.

Cole Plate Round 2
Portsmouth B 1½-3½ Chichester

1.V.Chirimbu 1-0 R.Lukoshius
2.I.Matthew 0-1 J.Wilson
3.K.Sullivan 0-1 L.Osiyemi
4.S.Russell ½ M.Plumb
5.P.Eyles 0-1 M.Spence

Results to Date:

Cole Cup

RoundMatch DateHomeAway
1Thu 27/10/2016Emsworth B0 – 5Fareham A
1Wed 02/11/2016Portsmouth A2.5 – 2.5Emsworth A
2Tue 03/01/2017Fareham A4 – 1Chichester
2Wed 30/11/2016Cosham3 – 2Portsmouth B
2Tue 29/11/2016Southampton3 – 2Gosport
2Thu 19/01/2017Emsworth A5 – 0Fareham B
3Thu 20/04/2017CoshamFareham A
3Tue 18/04/2017SouthamptonEmsworth A

Cole Plate

RoundMatch DateHomeAway
2Mon 06/02/2017Chichester4.5 – 0.5Emsworth B
2Tue 14/03/2017Fareham B0 – 5Portsmouth A
3Wed 22/03/2017Portsmouth B1.5 – 3.5Chichester
3GosportPortsmouth A

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