PDCL Results Update

Portsmouth & District Chess League

The three league leaders all recorded results this week which saw Chichester take the lead in Division One after defeating Gosport.  Challengers Fareham lost to Portsmouth whilst Emsworth drew with Cosham A.

Gosport 1½-4½ Chichester A

1.D.Fowler ½ W.McDougall
2.F.McLeod 0-1 J.Wilson
3.R.Marsh 0-1 R.Lukoshius
4.M.Newbury ½ E.Frrington
5.C.Priest 0-1 L.Osiyemi
6.G.A.Moore ½ S.J.Smith

Portsmouth A 4-2 Fareham A
1.M.Broom 1-0 F.Graham
2.M.Hulland 0-1 E.Black
3.D.Ross ½ M.Edwards
4.K.Sullivan ½ A.Syed
5.V.Chirimbu 1-0 C.Chapman
6.C.Tucker 1-0 default

Emsworth A 3-3 Cosham A
1.P.F.Cooper 0-1 J.F.Wheeler
2.P.Stimpson ½ D.A.Cordner
3.M.Krawczuk 1-0 R.V.Puchades
4.K.Eyles ½ A.D.Smith
5.P.Northcott 1-0 G.E.Feltham
6.D.Jerome 0-1 S.D.LeFevre

Portsmouth & District Chess League Division 1 2016-17

Chichester A105323513
Emsworth A 102623010
Fareham A1043428½10
Portsmouth A1033429½9
Cosham A10253299
Updated 25/05/2017

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