PDCL Results Update

Portsmouth & District Chess League

An update on Division 1 Round 6 where Chichester v Emsworth remains undecided though board 3 has seen a win for R.Lukoshius against P. Stimpson.  Chichester will be hoping for a win on the remaining board to assist with their tussle for top place currently occupied by Fareham.  Meanwhile Emsworth are looking handily placed in third just two points behind leaders Fareham but with a potential win if J.Wilson v K. Richardson ends in anything other than a win for Chichester.

In Round 7 we have three updates, Cosham v Gosport is adjourned whilst Emsworth A inflicted a closely fought defeat, 3½-2½ upon Portsmouth A, Fareham A won another tight match by the same  score 3½-2½, against Chichester A.

Chichester A (adj) Emsworth A
1.W.McDougall 0-1 P.Cooper
2.J.Wilson (adj) K.Richardson
3.R.Lukoshius 1-0 P.Stimpson
4.L.Osiyemi 0-1 K.Eyles
5.I.Judd 0-1 M.Krawczuk
6.P.Dallas 1-0 M.Davies

Fareham A 3½-2½ Chichester A
1.A.Corkett ½ W.McDougall
2.K.Gregory 0-1 J.Wilson
3.D.Deacon 0-1 R.Lukoshius
4.F.Graham 1-0 L.Osiyemi
5.E.Black 1-0 P.Dallas
6.D.Elliott 1-0 P.Wake

Cosham A (adj) Gosport
1.J.F.Wheeler (adj)  D.W.Fowler
2.D.A.Cordner 0-1 J.R.Wilkinson
3.R.V.Puchades ½ R.D.Marsh
4.A.D.Smith (adj)  M.L.Newbury
5.G.E.Feltham ½ D.Holmes
6.S.D.LeFevre ½ G.A.Moore

Emsworth A 3½-2½ Portsmouth A
1.P.Cooper ½ I.Hardwick
2.M.Krawczuk 1-0 M.Buckley
3.K.Eyles 1-0 S.Venables
4.M.Davies 0-1 D.E.C.Ross
5.N.Parekh 0-1 D.Ross
6.D.Jerome 1-0 B.Cochran

Portsmouth & District Chess League Division 1 2016-17

Chichester A105323513
Emsworth A 102623010
Fareham A1043428½10
Portsmouth A1033429½9
Cosham A10253299
Updated 25/05/2017

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