PDCL Results Update

Portsmouth & District Chess League

A quiet week with just two matches to report on. Firstly in Division One Fareham v Emsworth remains undecided with 5 games drawn and the top board to be finished. meanwhile in Division 3 Portsmouth defeated Fareham 3-2 to finish 2nd this season to Chichester.

Division 1 Round 9
Fareham A (unf) Emsworth A
1.A.Corkett P.Cooper
2.K.Gregory ½ M.Krawczuk
3.F.Graham ½ P.Stimpson
4.M.Edwards ½ K.Eyles
5.E.Black ½ P.Northcott
6.D.Elliott ½ M.Davies

Division 3 Round 10
Portsmouth C 3-2 Fareham C
1.K.Sullivan 0-1 A.Syed
2.P.Eyles 1-0 M.Hamilton
3.B.Cochran 0-1 K.White
4.A.Bucchi 1-0 B.Chant
5.A.Colthup 1-0 D.Sills

Portsmouth & District Chess League Division 3 2016-17

Chichester C861126½13
Portsmouth C85122111
Fareham D8314187
Fareham C821517½5
Emsworth C8206174

Hampshire Chess Congress 2019

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