PDCL Results Update

Portsmouth & District Chess League

Several results this week with all three divisions featuring. In Division 1 Gosport defeat Portsmouth to put an end their challenge for the league this season. In Division 2 Fareham lose to Emsworth to dent their hopes of challenging for the top although Cosham winning against Portsmouth has closed the Chichester lead to just one point.

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Meanwhile Division 3 have seen Chichester crowned as Champions following their away win against Fareham. Wins for Dallas, Miller, Spence and Willets saw Chichester win the top 4 boards to secure the title.

Will Chichester teams make it a clean sweep in the Portsmouth League this season?

Division 1 Round 9
Gosport 4-2 Portsmouth A
3.J.Wilkinson ½ M.Buckley
5.M.Newbury ½ D.Ross

Division 2 Round 2
Fareham B ½-4½ Emsworth B
1.F.Graham 0-1 M.Krawczuk
2.D.Elliott 0-1 K.Eyles
3.A.Butler ½ Z.Biksi
4.L.Springthorpe 0-1 M.Davies
5.K.White 0-1 D.Jerome

Division 2 Round 8
Cosham B 4-1 Portsmouth B
2.R.E.Hartley ½ I.G.Mathew

Division 3 Round 9
Fareham C ½-4½ Chichester C
1.A.Clarkson 0-1 P.Dallas
2.S.Eva 0-1 A.Miller
3.B.Chant 0-1 M.Spence
4.I.Craig 0-1 L.Willets
5.A.Thomas ½ P.McLeod

Portsmouth & District Chess League Division 1 2016-17

Chichester A105323513
Emsworth A 102623010
Fareham A1043428½10
Portsmouth A1033429½9
Cosham A10253299
Updated 25/05/2017

Portsmouth & District Chess League Division 2 2016-17

Chichester B851223½11
Emsworth B84222310
Cosham B8332219
Portsmouth B8313187
Fareham B803514½3
Updated 07/06/2017

Portsmouth & District Chess League Division 3 2016-17

Chichester C861126½13
Portsmouth C85122111
Fareham D8314187
Fareham C821517½5
Emsworth C8206174