PDCL Results Update

Portsmouth & District Chess League

The latest round of Division Three results in the Portsmouth & District Chess League have given Chichester C a comfortable 4 point lead at the top of the table with Portsmouth C having just the one match in hand. Fareham struggled in Round 8 with their ‘C’ team losing away to Emsworth whilst the ‘D’ team lost at home to Chichester.

Fareham D 1-4 Chichester C
1.M.Hamilton 0-1 P.Dallas
2.D.Anderson 0-1 A.Miller
3.A.Krajewski 0-1 M.Spence
4.B.Chant 1-0 I.Richardson
5.A.Thomas 0-1 W.Turner

Emsworth C 4½-½ Fareham C
1.P.Northcott ½ A.Syed
2.Z.Biksi 1-0 R.Davies
3.D.Jerome 1-0 K.White
4.N.Parekh 1-0 B.Chant
5.D.Cook 1-0 A.Krajewski

Portsmouth & District Chess League Division 3 2016-17

Chichester C861126½13
Portsmouth C85122111
Fareham D8314187
Fareham C821517½5
Emsworth C8206174

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