Oxfordshire v Hampshire

Chess Match

Away to Oxfordshire in the Chiltern League saw a heavy defeat for Hampshire by 12 boards to 4. Wins for Hampshire were few but top board Mark Broom defeated Philip Hayward whilst on board 13, John Wiseman took the full point off Alan Gentry. The full result was –

Oxfordshire AHampshire A
1Hayward, Philip T (190)01Broom, Mark (199)
2Alizada, Eldar (184)10Fowler, David W (175)
3Burrows, Nick (180)10McLeod, Fraser N (166)
4March, Mike (172)10Davis, Timothy (164)
5Moyse, Nigel J (171)10Crouch, Curtis (163
6Burt, William (169)10Know, Stuart W (162)
7Gundry, Arran K (166)10default
8Marlow, Mike W (165)0.50.5Pentakota, Rajasekhar ( )
9Neatherway, A Philip (163)0.50.5Piecha, Lukasz (156)
10Staples, Neil (165)10Moore, Gillian A (154)
11Jackson, Gary C (162)0.50.5Kirby, Andrew (145)
12Cole, Graham L (157)10Steele, Kevin (138)
13Gentry, Alan E (154)01Wiseman, John M (132)
14Piggott, Roly (149)10Young, Jonathan G (128)
15Martin, Nick J (145)0.50.5Upham, John E (128)
16Beckett, Richard (140)10Culliford, David (125)
(ave grade 164)124(ave grade 153)
Match played on 06 Oct 2018.

The league table may be viewed at http://www.oxfordfusion.com/oca/GenerateTable.cfm?LeagueID=349&Org=8

Players wishing to represent Hampshire are invited to contact the team captain, Fraser McLeod.

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