Hampshire vs Buckinghamshire

FIDE World Cup 2017

The Under 160 match between Hampshire and Buckinghamshire will take place at Basingstoke Chess Club, Sherborne Road, Basingstoke RG21 5TG, on Saturday, January 20th starting at 2 pm. Hampshire has Black on the odd-numbered boards.

The Hampshire team are,

Board Ref Member Name Standard
1 293367G Gold Couch, Curtis 157 D
2 249713L Silver Black, Ted 151 B
3 307140G Gold Piecha, Lukasz Marek 150 D
4 163759K Silver Chapman, Timothy J 148 C
5 163037E Gold Chilton, James I 145 A
6 240374C Gold Moore, Gillian A 141 A
7 119226H Silver Smith, Ewart J 140 C
8 192016K Silver Steele, Kevin G 138 B
9 241542C Silver Wiseman, John M 137 A
10 278366G Silver Agostinelli, David R 136 A
11 192020A Silver Syed, Ashraf 134 B
12 108481B Bronze Cleave, Bob A 133 B
13 255547F Gold Upham, John E UG (E132)
14 303329G Gold Jnr Kirby, Andrew 128 A
15 127698A Silver Kocan, Barry A 128 A
16 114180G Gold LeFevre, Stephen D 127 B
17 121505L Silver White, Michael J 127 C
18 153636K Silver Priest, Christopher PA 124 C
19 309807C Silver Jones, Amanda 121 E
20 249525K Silver Pope, Michael R 113 A

The U/160 dates are:

Jan 20th Sat Hants – Bucks
Feb 24th Sat Berks – Hants
Apr 7th Sat Oxon – Hants

Ashraf Syed
Team Captain

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