Emsworth lose to Portsmouth and Gosport

Portsmouth & District Chess League

The Portsmouth & District Chess League latest results were in favour of Gosport and Portsmouth who both secured wins against teams from Emsworth Chess Club. Full results and league tables may be viewed on the PDCL website at http://portsmouthchessleague.uk/

Hampshire Chess Congress 2019

The latest news and results are provided by John Wheeler.

Division 1 Round 1
Emsworth A 1½-4½ Gosport
1.M.Krawczuk ½ D.W.Fowler
2.P.Stimpson ½ J.Wilkinson
3.P.Northcott 0-1 R.D.W.Marsh
4.K.Eyles ½ M.L.Newbury
5.C.Gilliam 0-1 J.A.Coburn
6.Z.Biksi 0-1 G.A.Moore

Division 3 Round 1
Portsmouth C 3½-1½ Emsworth C
1.P.Eyles ½ M.Davies
2.K.Sullivan ½ N.Parekh
3.B.Cochran 1-0 D.Jerome
4.A.Bucci 1-0 D.Cook
5.A.Colthup ½ A.Parker