County Correspondence Team 2017-18

Correspondence Chess

County Correspondence Team Captain Philip Barber has announced the line-up for the County Correspondence Chess Team this coming season. The team plays in the top division of the County & District Correspondence Chess Championship played on the ICCF webserver.

The team for this year with some changes due to Craig Bennett passing away and Harry Grieve deciding not to play this season is:

  • Brd 1 Fraser Mcleod
  • Brd 2 Michael Blake
  • Brd 3 Richard Ward
  • Brd 4 Richard Perrin
  • Brd 5 David Thompson
  • Brd 6 Stephen LeFevre
  • Brd 7 Jonathon Young
  • Brd 8 Kevin Huntley.

Welcome to our new team members and good luck with the games. I’ll let you know when the games can begin.

All the best,

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