Congress 2018 Winners

We have a new county champion. Matt Chapman of Fareham had to win his last game against David Pye to finish just clear of Mike Waddington (Dorchester), with David Pye (Cosham) in 3rd place. Matt holds the Silver Rook for the next year.

Paul Northcott (Emsworth) won the Under-175 grading prize.

In the Major Section, Brendan O’Gorman (DHSS) and Bob Page (Broadstairs) shared 1st prize with 4½ points, followed by David Agostinelli (Southampton) and Nick Burton (Ilkley) with 4 points. David won the grading prize and also took the Peter Marshall trophy as the highest placed Hampshire player in the Major.

The Minor Section was won by Ryan Cheung (Southampton University) with a round to spare. He went on to score a magnificent 6/6, and also received the Parsons Cup. In 2nd place were Richard Meredith (Chandlers Ford), David Nelson (Southampton) and Phil Pinto (Emsworth ),all scoring 4/6.

The Ladies prize was shared by two ladies this year – Amanda Jones (Salisbury) and Melissa Hamilton (Cosham) each scored 2½ points, Gillian Moore could have joined them if she had drawn her last game, but it was not to be.

This was our first year at a new venue – the Lysses House Hotel in Fareham, and everyone was impressed with the service and the facilities at this venue.

Here are the full results:

1st (5 pts) Matt Chapman (Fareham)
2nd (4½ pts) Mike Waddington (Dorchester)
3rd (4 pts) David Pye (Cosham
Under-175 Grading Prize (3½ pts) Paul Northcott (Emsworth)
16 started, 16 finished.

1st= (4½ pts) Brendan O’Gorman (DHSS) and Bob Page (Broadstairs)
3rd= (3½ pts) David Agostinelli (Southampton) and Nick Burton (Ilkley)
Under-140 Grading Prize – David Agostinelli
20 started, 15 finished.

1st (6 pts) Ryan Cheung (Southampton University)
2nd= Richard Meredith (Chandlers Ford), David Nelson (Southampton) and Phil Pinto (Emsworth
Under-100 Grading Prize (3½ pts) David Murchie (Southampton)
25 started, 25 finished.

The John Dunleavy Memorial Prize for the best game in any section will be announced later,
on the Hampshire website –

John Wheeler (Sec, Hampshire CA) 5/Nov/2018

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