Cole Cup & Plate Results

Fareham and Emsworth will meet in the final of the Cole after the semi-final matches that saw Fareham defeat Cosham 5-1 whilst Emsworth won on tie-break in a tough match against Southampton. The Cole Plate saw a draw between Gosport and Portsmouth to secure a place in the final against Chichester for Gosport.

Cole Cup Semi-Final
Cosham 1-5 Fareham A

1.D.Cordner 0-1 A.Corkett
2.R.Puchades ½ K.Gregory
3.A.D.Smith 0-1 D.Deacon
4.G.Feltham ½ M.Edwards
5.S.LeFevre 0-1 E.Black

Southampton 2½-2½ Emsworth A
1.Y.Orischko 0-1 P.F.Cooper
2.F.McLeod 1-0 M.Krawczuk
3.D.Ramos 0-1 P.Stimpson
4.D.Ramos 1-0 K.Eyles
5.G.A.Moore ½ P.Northcott
Emsworth win on tie-break

Cole Plate Round 2
Gosport 2½-2½ Portsmouth A
1.D.Fowler ½ M.Broom
2.J.Wilkinson 1-0 M.Buckley
3.R.Marsh ½ M.Hulland
4.M.Newbury ½ S.Venables
5.S.Pearson 0-1 D.E.C.Ross
Gosport win on tie-break

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