Chiltern League Fixtures 2017-18

Chess Match

We are very pleased to confirm that Fraser McLeod (Open) and Ashraf Syed (U160) continue as Team Captains for the new Season. Contact details are available at our contacts page or via our online contact form.

1Sat 07/10/17Open JamboreeHome for Oxon
2Sat 28/10/17U160Bucks v Hampshire
3Sat 18/11/17U160Hampshire v Berks
4Sat 02/12/17Open JamboreeHome for Hants@ Basingstoke
5Sat 09/12/17U160Hampshire v Oxon
6Sat 20/01/18U160Hampshire v Bucks
7Sat 27/01/18Open JamboreeHome for Berks@ Farley Hill
8Sat 24/02/18U160Berks v Hampshire
9Sat 03/03/18Open JamboreeHome for Bucks
10Sat 07/04/18U160Oxon v Hampshire

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