Chichester Clean Sweep

Division 3 of the Portsmouth & District Chess League saw both Chichester and Emsworth ‘C’ teams start the new season with a victory. Emsworth defeated Portsmouth 2-3 thanks to wins from P. Pinto, D. Shotton and E. Blanden, meanwhile Chichester won all five boards thanks to wins from C. Squires, T. Howeson, D.H. Wallace, M. Spence and L. Stubbington.
Division 3 Round 1
Chichester C 5-0  Cosham C

1.C.Squires  1-0   G.Feltham              
2.T.Howeson 1-0 M.Hamilton                           
3.D.H.Wallace 1-0 R.Dulley               
4.M.Spence  1-0   J.Webb 
5.L.Stubbington 1-0 E.Moss              
Portsmouth C 2-3 Emsworth C
1.P.Eyles  0-1          P.Pinto
2.A.Bucchi  1-0       A.Parker
3.S.Russell  1-0       D.Cook
4.D.Wenman  0-1    D.Shotton
5.B.Cochran  0-1     E.Blanden
John Wheeler

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