Chichester Assume Command

At the start of the week, Portsmouth, Gosport and Chichester were tied in 1st place, that has now all changed and Chichester are sole leaders after winning 4-2 away at Portsmouth. Gosport lost to Cosham which has allowed last seasons Champions to take a firm grip on the title chase. In the remaining fixture, Emsworth won away at Fareham to bring everyone other than Chichester and Gosport, onto 7 points! Can the chasing pack catch Chichester with just 2 rounds of games left to play?

Here is the latest from Portsmouth –

Division 1 Round 8
Gosport 2½-3½ Cosham A
1.J.Wilkinson ½ J.Wheeler
2.D.Fowler ½ D.Cordner
3.R.Masrh ½ R.Puchades
4.F.McLeod ½ A.Smith
5.M.Newbury 0-1 G.Feltham
6.D.Holmes ½ T.Evans

Fareham A 2½-3½ Emsworth A
1.K.Gregory ½ M.Krawczuk
2.F.Graham 0-1 K.Eyles
3.E.Black 0-1 C.Gilliam
4.A.Syed 1-0 Z.Biksi
5.C.Chapman 0-1 M.Davies
6.R.Woods 1-0 D.Jerome

Portsmouth A 2-4 Chichester A
1.M.Broom 0-1 J.Wilson
2.A.Isaakidis 1-0 R.Lukoshius
3.T.Bird 0-1 W.McDougall
4.I.Hardwick 0-1 A.McDougall
5.S.Venables 1-0 L.Osiyemi
6.D.E.C.Ross 0-1 I.Judd

Division 1PWDLGsPts
1Chichester A851230½11
3Portsmouth A831424½7
4Fareham A8314237
5Cosham A831422½7
6Emsworth A8314197

Portsmouth & District Chess League news kindly provided by John Wheeler. The Portsmouth & District Chess League website has further information, results and competition tables at



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