Correspondence Chess Team

Correspondence Chess

Our County Correspondence Team are  currently playing in the top level of the County Correspondence Chess Championship, Division 1 features 10 teams with the favourites likely to be Yorkshire.  Other teams include, Essex, Hertfordshire, Surrey, Sussex, Warwickshire, West Wales and Yorkshire.  Each team has 8 players who play a double pairing against one opponent.

Hampshire are currently in second place after the early completion of 4 games.  Congratulations to Steven D. LeFevre who has finished both of his games with 2 wins against Joseph Sharp.  The completed games may be seen at  The other 2 Hampshire games to finish were both draws, Harry Grieve (Hants) v Fred Clough (West Wales) and David F. Thompson (Hants) v Gary Kenworthy (Essex B).

Correspondence Chess is an excellent way to study chess and Hampshire players wishing to represent the County may contact the Correspondence Team Captain Phil Barber for further information.  Games are usually played online via the ICCFF Webserver though at times other opportunities may arise.  The days of postal chess are not completely gone but today you will find postal games are mainly offered by specialist clubs or via an organisation such as ICCF.

The team for 2017 are listed with a link to their games being played on the ICCF Webserver.  Each pairing features two games against the same opponent. The full Division One table may be seen here.

  1. Board 1: C. Bennett
  2. Board 2: F. McLeod
  3. Board 3: M. J. Blake
  4. Board 4: R. Ward
  5. Board 5: R. Perrin
  6. Board 6: D. Thompson
  7. Board 7: H. Grieve
  8. Board 8: S. LeFevre

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