C & DCCC 2018/19

C & DCCC 2018/19 Division 2 - Sinclair

The Counties & District Correspondence Chess Championship is our annual team event for the Hampshire Correspondence Chess Team. After a long period of playing in Division One we are this season in the 2nd division with Somerset, Essex B, Nottinghamshire, Yorkshire C, Warwickshire B, Surrey C and Worcestershire A.

Unfortunately we were relegated from Division One last season after coming =8th with Yorkshire B who kept their place at the top level. Hopefully we can quickly return to the top level. There are now three Divisions in the County Championship, these are known as the ‘Ward-Higgs’, the ‘Sinclair’ and the ‘Butler-Thomas’. Each player has just one opponent with whom they play two games, games are no longer played by post or email but use the very efficient ICCF webserver. Here the player simply moves pieces on the board to enter their moves whilst all record keeping is handled by the webserver. It couldn’t be easier to play!

Correspondence Chess is a good way to enjoy the game, particularly for those of us not near to a local chess club. Please contact the Team Captain here if you would like to join us.

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