FIDE World Cup 2017

FIDE World Cup 2017

One of the most exciting events in Chess is taking place in Tblisi, Georgia. The event features the top players in the World and is a qualifier for the World Championship title. Unusually the current World Champion, Magnus Carlsen, is also competing despite not being obliged to participate at this stage.

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The favorites in the higher half of the draw met significantly lower rated opponents thus very interesting pairings occur with potential upsets for the top players whilst the slightly lower rated players will meet other. The first round saw surprising losses by rating favorites, including Wei Yi of China against Canadian Bator Sambuev and Pavel Eljanov of Ukraine against Alexander Lenderman of USA.

The tournament page is at where you can view live coverage, results and player information. In addition there are live streams available from Chess24 and other sources via YouTube, for example the Georgia Chess channel.

The tournament runs until the 28th September.