Congress 2018 Entries at 59

The Lysses Hotel

With just a few days to go before the start of the Hampshire Chess Congress we have 59 entries. The Congress will run from Friday 2nd to Sunday 4th November and will be held at the Lysses House Hotel, 51 High Street, Fareham, Hampshire, PO16 7BQ.

Entry List

Mike Waddington (194)
Peter Anderson (192)
David Pye (192)
Rolandas Lukoshius (185)
Matt Chapman (182)
David Fowler (175)
Robin Williams (169)
Paul Northcott (168)
Phil Stimpson (167)
Roger Marsh (166)
David Holmes (160)
Sherif Gonem (157)
Gillian Moore (154)
Martin Clancy (152)
Peter Dallas (145)
15 entries in the Open

Brendan O’Gorman (154)
Simon Venables (148)
Robert Page (144)
Joe Coburn (143)
Christopher Smith (139)
Ian Matthew (136)
Jeremy Hudson (132)
John Sellen (131)
Dave Agostinelli (129)
Kevin Sawers (127)
John Belinger (124)
Amanda Jones (123)
Melissa Hamilton (122)
John Webb (ug)
Michael Forrester (ug)
Pankaj Tomar (ug)
Charles Charalambous (98)
17 entries in the Major

Ben Harte (124)
Michael Pope (122)
Geoffrey Foxon (121)
David Lambton (121)
Keith Spooner (118)
David Nelson (117)
Ryan Cheung (116)
William Ellinger (115)
Richard Meredith (114)
Daniel Shek (114)
Tim Cutter (112)
Phil Pinto (109)
Paul Collis (106)
Paul Eyles (106)
David Archer (105)
Johan Matthew (102)
Alan Fraser (98)
James Wallman (97)
Brian Cochran (94)
Mathew Deacon (85)
Soham Kumar (83)
David Murchie (79)
Nicholas Deacon (79)
Don Creasey (77)
David Jerome (77)
25 entries in the Minor

The Congress Entry Form is available from this link, please complete and submit your entry as soon as possible.

John Wheeler

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