PDCL Results Update

The latest results from the Portsmouth & District Chess League saw Fareham win their remaining board against Emsworth to go joint 2nd in Division One. meanwhile Division Two saw Portsmouth B defeat Fareham B, Emsworth B then defeated Portsmouth B whilst Cosham and Chichester saw their match adjourned at 1½-1½. This match is critical in deciding who will win Division Two of the PDCL.

Division 1 Round 9
Fareham A 3½-2½ Emsworth A
1.A.Corkett 1-0 P.Cooper

Division 2 Round 6
Fareham B 1½-3½ Portsmouth B
1.D.Deacon ½ I.G.Matthew
2.F.Graham 1-0 K.Sullivan
3.D.Elliott 0-1 P.Eyles
4.M.Hamilton 0-1 B.V.Cochran
5.R.Davies 0-1 A.Bucchi

Division 2 Round 10
Emsworth B 3½-1½ Portsmouth B
1.M.Krawczuk ½ I.Matthew
2.K.Eyles ½ S.Russell
3.P.Northcott ½ C.Tucker
4.Z.Biksi 1-0 B.V.Cochran
5.M.Davies 1-0 P.Eyles

Cosham B (adj) Chichester B
1.G.E.Feltham 0-1 R.Lukoshius
2.S.D.LeFevre L.Osiyemi
3.R.E.Hartley P.Dallas
4.T.Evans ½ I.P.Judd
5.P.J.McEvoy 1-0 M.Plumb

Portsmouth & District Chess League Division 1 2016-17

Chichester A105323513
Emsworth A 102623010
Fareham A1043428½10
Portsmouth A1033429½9
Cosham A10253299
Updated 25/05/2017

Portsmouth & District Chess League Division 2 2016-17

Chichester B851223½11
Emsworth B84222310
Cosham B8332219
Portsmouth B8313187
Fareham B803514½3
Updated 07/06/2017

Portsmouth & District Chess League Division 3 2016-17

Chichester C861126½13
Portsmouth C85122111
Fareham D8314187
Fareham C821517½5
Emsworth C8206174
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