John Drew R.I.P. †


John Drew sadly passed away last weekend in hospital. The funeral will be on 18th June at 10 am at the Wessex Vale Crematorium at Hedge End. The family request no flowers if anyone attends.

John was the Honorary Examiner for the HCA for years until his health prevented him from carrying on. He also ran the Ordnance Survey Chess Club for many years until those premises were no longer available to the club.

John’s twin brother Dave passed away in July 2017. They were both active in the SCL, a double loss.

When John reluctantly withdrew from some of his chess activities, he wrote –

Dear Gillian, 
It was about 1996 when I became treasurer of the Southampton Chess League.  So here I am in my 17th year happy to be of service.

But with the advancing years, 80 next year, and the onset of the ever advancing curse of osteoarthritis coupled with being diagnosed with prostate cancer, I feel it’s time I stood down and let a younger person have a go.  I don’t like the word resign, a word I’m very familiar with my chess, but more the word retire.

So with some sadness I wish to retire at the next AGM.  I would be happy to help if necessary my successor through the transition.

Yours sincerely
John Drew 
7th Feb 2013

John was treasurer of the Southampton Chess League for over 16 years.  I also remember him as a person who was always pleasant and kind – his Ordnance Survey team in the League was entirely made up of disabled people.

This information kindly provided by Gillian Moore and Chris Priest. 

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