The below-listed game databases are provided as .pgn files and to view online in an external viewer. PGN files should open in any chess software or a text editor such as Notepad, Sublime Text, Notepad ++, Apple TextEdit and TextWrangler. Suggested chess software includes Chessbase, Hiarcs Chess Explorer, or Arena etc.

The ‘Hampshire Complete’ games file will be refreshed with each new upload to provide a one-stop place for all games.

We are very grateful to Arthur Brameld for kindly making these games available for everyone.

DescriptionDownloadView OnlineContentsModified
Hampshire CompletePGN1,275 games04/12/2017
2017 HCA MajorPGN75 games04/12/2017
2017 HCA OpenPGN47 games20/11/2017
2016 HCA OpenPGNView38 games16/07/2017
2016 HCA MajorPGN42 games18/07/2017
2015 HCA OpenPGN41 games18/07/2017
2015 HCA MajorPGN72 games18/07/2017
2014 HCA OpenPGN42 games18/07/2017
2014 HCA MajorPGN84 games18/07/2017
2013 HCA OpenPGN52 games18/07/2017
2013 HCA MajorPGN101 games18/07/2017
2012 HCA OpenPGN51 games18/07/2017
2012 HCA MajorPGN81 games18/07/2017
2011 HCA OpenPGN52 games18/07/2017
2011 HCA MajorPGN76 games18/07/2017
2010 HCA MajorPGN52 games16/07/2017
2010 HCA IndividualPGN59 games16/07/2017
2009 HCA OpenPGN80 games18/07/2017
2008 HCA OpenPGN53 games18/07/2017
2007 HCA OpenPGN66 games18/07/2017
2006 HCA OpenPGN41 games16/07/2017
2005 HCA IndividualPGN68 games16/07/2017

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