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The World Chess Organisation FIDE are offering a new subscription service to watch the World Chess Championship Cycle live.  The online subscription service starts at $10 per Grand Prix or just $30 for the year. Subscribers.  For this members gain access to all live online video broadcasts of World Chess Championship events on plus a host of other benefits such as discounted merchandising and live online chats with the world’s top players.

Full benefit for members to the World Chess Club include:

  • Live video broadcasts and archives of the World Championship cycle (four Grand Prix events, the Candidates Tournament and the Championship Match)
  • Subscriber only invitations to private chess events organized in conjunction with Championship cycle tournaments (a minimum of two per year on-site attendance or live streaming)
  • Subscriber only online chats with the top chess players in the world World Chess by Agon with support from FIDE also announced today that 10% of all revenues from World Chess Club subscribers would be used to enhance the prize fund for players.

The first Grand Prix of 2017 starts in Sharjah on 18 February.

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