Emsworth are Champions

Portsmouth & District Chess League

Congratulations to Emsworth on winning Division 2 of the Portsmouth & District Chess League. Wins were secured by P. Northcott and K. Eyles in the previously cancelled fixture away to Cosham.

Division 1 Round 9
Cosham A  4-2 Chichester A
1.J.Wheeler    ½    J.Wilson

Division 2 Round 7
Cosham B  2-3 Emsworth B
1.T.Evans     0-1     P.Northcott
2.R.Chomicki 0-1   K.Eyles
3.G.Feltham    ½     Z.Biksi
4.P.McEvoy  1-0     N.Parekh
5.M.Hamilton  ½    M.Davies

Division 3 Round 9
Fareham D  0-5  Chichester C
1.R.Davies 0-1    C.Squires
2.D.Anderson 0-1 A.Miller
3.J.Craig     0-1   M.Spence
4.D.Longman 0-1 I.Schreiber
.S.Eva     0-1     W.Turner

Portsmouth C 4-1 Fareham C
1.P.Eyles      1-0    R.Davies
2.A.Bucchi   1-0    L.Springthorpe
3.B.Cochran   ½    D.Longman
4.A.Colthup    ½    B.Chant
5.D.Wenman  1-0  J.Bast

Division 2PWDLGsPts
1Emsworth B96032612
2Cosham B942323½10
3Portsmouth B9315217
4Chichester B931519½7


Division 3PWDLGsPts
1Chichester C76012612
2Portsmouth C75022210
3Emsworth C6402188
4Fareham D710610½2
5Fareham C710682

Portsmouth & District Chess League news kindly provided by John Wheeler. The Portsmouth & District Chess League website has further information, results and competition tables at http://portsmouthchessleague.uk/


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