Cole Cup Win for Portsmouth

Portsmouth & District Chess League

Portsmouth defeated Southampton in Round 2 of the Cole Cup. Wins for I. Hardwick and A. Isaakidis secured the 3-2 victory away from home.

Cole Cup Round 2
Southampton  2-3   Portsmouth A

1.F.McLeod    ½     M.Broom
2.G.Jones      0-1    A.Isaakidis
3.D.Tarantino  0-1    T.Bird
4.R.Williams  ½  I.Hardwick
5.G.A.Moore  1-0   D.E.C.Ross

Portsmouth & District Chess League news kindly provided by John Wheeler. The Portsmouth & District Chess League website has further information, results and competition tables at



    • Hi Tom,
      Thanks for pointing this out. Apparently there was a problem with the initial result reported to the PDCL, the correct result is shown on the PDCL website and has been amended here.

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